Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring...Your kids say it's Boring

I'm not organized enough to get my tips together yet, but here's one from this little free e-book I got "100 Activities to Keep Your Kids Happy". If you're interested in it email me and I'll send you it. This tip is for rainy days, suggestions to keep kids entertained...Let me know if you're brave enough to try painting a door!

"This little list of rainy day parenting tips, ought to help you through the wet weather.

°Bake – bake freezable healthy treats such as muffins, slices, and snack bars. Children love to help measure and pour, and especially lick the beaters. PLUS the oven warms up the house!

°Make a puppet theatre from a big cardboard carton, and hand puppets from socks and odds and ends. Sell “tickets” and host a show

°Paper Mache Bowls – make a paper Mache paste, from flour and water, and drape strips of paper over balloons. Let them set for 24 hours, and decorate. They make good fun bowls for playing.

°Plaster Boots – Messy, but creative... get your hands on some plaster ban- dages, and cover an old boot – decorate. It makes a fabulous door stop.

°Paint. Paint a glass door, it wipes straight off. (Use water based poster paints of course)

°Give in, get wet, don the gumboots and go jump in puddles!

°Make warm cocoa with marshmallows!

°Make a family book, using a scrapbook and family photos

°Get your children to organise your photo albums

°Make a cubby house

°Involve them in writing your meal plan"

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