Thursday, February 25, 2010

earache, coughing, scaring & cuts

#1 The ear.
Any kind of earache can be the first signs of infection and that means howling pain for poor baby, and sleepless nights and tons of coffee for you.
Take some sesame oil you can use olive but the properties in sesame for some reason work better, heat it up (however you like) in the meantime crush up a couple of cloves of garlic and add to the oil, don't cook the garlic but let the oil & garlic both infuse for a couple of minutes, actually really mince the oil & garlic together.

Strain out the garlic, a tea strainer, muslin or sieve will do. Let the garlic oil cool down to warm and then use a syringe to drip into the ear, its best to have them lay on your lap so it can drain all the way in. This actually is very soothing to the child and feels really good.
let it sit there for as long as the child lets you and then just let it drain out. The garlic contains a really powerful natural antibiotic which slightly numbs the pain whilst healing the infection.

This worked straight away with our kids but it may take a couple tries to get rid of a bad infection. I do want to stress this is not a replacement for a doctor so if the infections last for days, please go and see your GP!

#2 Coughing.
VICKS vapor rub on the feet.
Put a thick layer on the soles of the feet and then put socks over to keep it on. Works like a charm (on my kids at least) it also works great for adults too... kind of stinky but better than that chesty cough all night long!

#3 Scars, cuts & Burns
This is a great remedy for all of these things. Just get some (organic in a glass jar) honey and apply to the afflicted area. Honey again has amazing healing properties and works wonders! It contains an enzyme that produces disinfecting hydrogen peroxide when it comes in contact with blood. It also reduces swelling and forms a protective barrier over wounds to speed up healing. More than 500 clinical trials confirm honey's healing properties and its unlikelihood of causing an allergic reaction.

**Please use common sense when it comes to natural methods and see a doctor if any of the above maladies are extreme.

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  1. This earache remedy works great for adults too. In fact in the health food store you can buy this already premixed if you find the prep a little intimidating. I used to use this all the time and it worked like a charm! Thanks for the great reminder, Georgie!