Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring optimism...

Every spring, I find myself struck with "Spring optimism", almost on schedule after the time change. Maybe it's the cherry trees blooming and all my favorite bulb plants magically appearing in my garden (right before being eaten by the snails). All of the sudden, it's sunny outside and warm, and I feel like I can finally accomplish everything that seemed impossible in the winter. That pile of fabric will be sewn into the gorgeous fashionable clothes I'm envisioning by the end of the month! Keep the house clean? Well, I've never been able to keep up the previous 30 years of my life, but I'm sure tomorrow will be different...Pioneer? I haven't been able to keep up the national average since the winter, but I'm positive I can do it! Take over the world? Sure! No, I don't need to check my schedule, I'm sure I can squeeze it in.
The only problem is, well, I could sure use some tips in my quest to conquer the world, or at least to keep the house clean. So what have you got?

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